Tearful relations: oxidative stress, inflammation and eye diseases

Relações lacrimejantes: estresse oxidativo, inflamação e doenças oculares

Tais Hitomi Wakamatsu Murat Dogru Kazuo Tsubota About the authors

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species and ability the biological systems' defense mechanisms necessary to eliminate the stress. It has been accepted that oxidative stress is involved in many acute and chronic diseases and even in normal aging. Recently, increased awareness of oxidative stress damage and its relation with ocular surface diseases incite researchers to discover possible mechanisms in the development of dry eye disease. This review focuses on the evaluation of the influence of oxidative stress on eye diseases emphasizing its relation with the pathogenesis of dry eye disease.

Oxidative stress; Tears; Eye diseases; Dry eye syndromes

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