Hypertension and hypertensive retinopathy

Kenji Sakata Viviane Sakata Jackson Barreto Jr. Kátia M. Bottós Juliana M. Bottós Newton P. Duarte Filho Daniele Busatto About the authors

Purpose: To investigate the relationship between hypertensive retinopathy (HR) and systemic hypertension (controled or not), gender, age and race. Methods: 1,954 patients who live in Piraquara, aged over 40 years were examined between 1998 and 2000, during a glaucoma, hypertension and diabetes screening program. Diabetics were excluded. Questionnaire, blood pressure, glycemia and IOP measurement, direct and indirect fundoscopy were performed for all 1,741 patients. Gans classification was used to study the retinal changes. Results: Considering 1,741 patients, 669 (38.43%) were hypertensive, 645 (37.05%) normotensive and 427 (24.53%) suspected of having hypertension. HR was found in 211 patients (12.12%). 136 (64.46%) were female and 75 (35.54%) male; 135 (63.98%) aged between 40-60 years and 76 (36.02%) aged over 60 years; 75.83% were white and 11.37% black; 154 (73%) were hypertensive, 17 (2.64%) normotensive and 40 (9.37%) hypertension suspects. 12.2% and 25.3% of the hypertensive patients under treatment or not, respectively, had signs of HR. Conclusion: The prevalence of HR was predominant in hypertensive patients comparing to normotensive and hypertension suspects (p<0.001, OR=5.32). Hypertensive patients without blood pressure control (p<0.01, OR=2.44), aged over 60 years (p<0.001, OR=1.85) and/or black ones (p<0.05 e OR= 1.67) are at increased risk to develop HR.

Hypertension; Blood pressure; Retinal diseases; Ocular hypertension; Ophthalmoscopy

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