Measurement of retina/choroid complex perfusion with magnetic resonance imaging in eyes with acute primary angle-closure

A medida da perfusão de retina/coroide por ressonância magnética no fechamento angular primário agudo

Gabriel Ayub Brunno M. Campos Thiago J. R. Rezende Fernando Cendes José Paulo Cabral de Vasconcelos Vital Paulino Costa About the authors



To measure retina/choroid complex perfusion with magnetic resonance imaging in eyes with acute primary angle-closure (APAC).


Three sequences of magnetic resonance imaging, two anatomical and one perfusional using gadolinium, were acquired in patients who were diagnosed with acute primary angle-closure. Regions of interest were drawn on the perfusional sequence and overlaid to the anatomical sequence. The relative blood volume measured during the first 2 s was considered as the baseline value and the change during the subsequent 28 s was analyzed.


Five eyes of 5 patients with acute primary angle-closure were included (3 with unilateral and 2 with bilateral acute primary angle-closure). Three contralateral eyes and 2 eyes of 2 healthy patients, paired for age and sex, were included in the control group. Acute primary angle-closure patients included 4 (80%) women, with an average age of 65.8 ± 12.37 y, mean intraocular pressure of 56.2 ± 14.67 mmHg, mean arterial pressure of 113.4 ± 8.17 mmHg, and average ocular perfusion pressure of 57.2 ± 13.46 mmHg. In the control group, the mean intraocular pressure was 15.6 ± 2.61 mmHg (p=0.0625), the mean arterial pressure was 107.4 ± 6.57 mmHg (p=1.00), and the average ocular perfusion pressure was 91.8 ± 6.72 mmHg (p=0.0625). The relative blood volume of the retina/choroid complex was -0.127 ± 0.048 in acute primary angle-closure patients and -0.213 ± 0.116 in the controls (p=0.3125).


The magnetic resonance imaging sequence with gadolinium did not show a change in the retina/choroid complex perfusion in the eyes of patients with acute primary angle-closure.

Angle-closure glaucoma; Magnetic resonance imaging; Gadolinium; Retina; Perfusion

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