Evaluation of optical performance of soft contact lenses in myopic correction

Marcelo Weslley Dalcoll Mílton Ruiz Alves Jackson Barreto Jr. Iris de Souza Yamane Samir Bechara Adriana Mukai About the authors

PURPOSE: To evaluate the optical performance of eyes fitted with two different soft contact lenses: Acuvue® 2 (Vistacon J&J Vision Care Inc., USA) and World Vision Disposable Asférica Wave Front® (World Vision Ophthalmic, Brazil). METHODS: An interventional prospective clinical trial studied a sample of 40 myopic patients (-0.75D to -4.50D, with or without astigmatism up to -0.75D). Each patient had one eye randomized to visual performance evaluation including high and low contrast visual acuities, wavefront analysis and contrast sensitivity. RESULTS: The Nidek OPD Scan detected a residual refraction (hypercorrection) for both contact lenses. High contrast visual acuity was significantly higher for World Vision soft contact lenses. Low contrast visual acuity was similar for both soft contact lenses. Contrast sensitivity improved significantly at 1.5; 3; 6 e 18 spatial frequencies for both soft contact lenses, but no difference was found between them. Regarding wavefront analysis, no difference was found between both soft contact lenses. There were not significantly differences in the Strehl indices and MTF for both soft contact lenses. CONCLUSION: World Vision Disposable Asférica Wave Front® soft contact lenses had a better performance regarding high contrast visual acuity. However, low contrast visual acuity, wavefront analysis and contrast sensitivity were similar for both soft contact lenses.

Myopia; Eyeglasses; Contact lenses; Visual acuity; Contrast sensitivity; Prospective studies

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