Paranasal mass: congenital dacryostenosis? Case report

Claudia Akemi Shiratori Silvana Artioli Schellini Aristides Palhares Ricardo de Campos Schellini Seizo Yamashita About the authors

Report of a child presenting a paranasal mass, and discussion of the importance of the differential diagnosis. CASE REPORT: ACS, 6 months old, female, presenting a non inflammatory nodulation on the left medial canthus; tearing and redness in the right eye since birth. On examination, there were bilateral lagophthalmos and corneal ulceration and opacity at the right side; on the left medial canthus there was a rounded lesion with a smooth surface, without inflammation, with an approximately 2-cm diameter. On palpation, the lesion was elevated, fibroelastic, non-mobile, painless, and irreductible. Tear or discharge reflux was absent on lacrimal pathway compression, Milder's test was negative on both sides. Dacryocystographic examination showed normal lacrimal drainage of the paranasal sinus system. Computadorized tomography revealed a fronto-ethmoidal meningocele. COMMENTS: The authors emphasize the importance of the investigation of paranasal masses, in order to apply adequate therapy.

Lacrimal duct obstruction; Encephalocele; Meningocele; Ethmoid sinus; Paranasal sinus; Differential diagnosis; Child; Case report

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