Potential use of environmental product declaration to support green public procurement in civil construction

Janaine Fernanda Gaelzer Timm Ana Carolina Badalotti Passuello About the authors


Public Procurements move a considerable amount of financial resources and has the potential to induce more sustainable practices. However, there are barriers to the effective implementation of thosepractices. One of the toolsrecommended by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to assist Green Public Procurement (GPP)aresheets with environmental information, as theyhelp in the choice and comparison between alternatives and can be based on tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and/or Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). The aim of this article is to explore the life cycle approach in GPP by analysing EPDs and how their information can feed the sheets for civil construction. Thisworkwascarried out in four steps: context analysis; evaluation of the structure of EPDs; identification of barriers and opportunities; investigation of EPDs in GPP. The studyshowedthat the use of EPDs in the sheets helps the process of developing and updating them, as they allow comparisonsto be made between products and the analysis of the environmental equivalent, while the LCA guarantees scientific support. The results of the critical review show the useGPP is still incipient in Brazil, but that it can be expanded through the tool proposed in thispaper.

Green public procurement; Environmental product declaration; Environmental performance sheets; Construction

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