Desirable environmental attributes for a Kangaroo Mother Care unit based on a participatory project experience

Vera Helena Moro Bins Ely Patrícia Biasi Cavalcanti Juliana Tasca Tissot da Silveira Marina Freitas Klein Amarildo Soares JuniorAbout the authors


This paper indicates desirable environmental attributes for Kangaroo Mother Care units from the point of view of their users. The results derive from a participatory project experience carried out in a Kangaroo Mother Care unit in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The research methods used were a literature review, exploratory visits to two units in operation, brainstorming, wish poems and visual selection. The aim of this study is to offer guidelines to help future units so that they are more responsive to the wishes of their users.

Humanization; Environmental attributes; Kangaroo Mother care

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