Analysis of the relations of the logistic variables with the organisation and strategy of construction companies

Sofia Gauginski Maia Alfredo Iarozinski Neto Sergio Edurado Gouvea da Costa Cezar Augusto Romano About the authors


Building efficiently with short deadlines and lower costs is an objective that builders strive to achieve in order to survive in an increasingly competitive market. Due to the importance of logistics in any organisation, this article aims to understand how the mechanisms by which variables related to logistics affect the functioning of an organisation and influence the strategy of construction companies. For this purpose, an applied, descriptive study of qualitative and transverse time was developed. The main procedure chosen for the study was the Survey method with a correlation analysis between variables based on Micmac. The results showed that organisations have a predisposition to establish partnership contracts, seeking information from suppliers and frequent joint actions to reduce execution deadlines. They also seek to have a closer relationship with clients.The results of the research project also indicate that logistics has little influence on the dynamics of the system and that the strategic variables stand out as an important role in the process of development of the company.

Logistics in construction; Supplies; Business management; Organisational characteristics; Strategy

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