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Stein: proposal for an ERP system for the construction industry

Tatiana Gondim do Amaral Lucas Macedo da Silva Vitor de Almeida Silva About the authors


An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management system that allows the integration of a company's information flows. The implementation of ERP systems in the construction industry is highly susceptible to failure, due to the requirements and complexity of the area. With the purpose of developing an effective ERP system, it is necessary to have a prior requirements analysis, in addition to maintaining contact with stakeholders and others involved until the product is delivered. However, several technical choices influence the final quality of the product and no technical proposals that can help in these choices have been identified in the literature. Thus, the objective of this study is to propose an architecture for the system’s implementation, in the format of a block diagram model to help in the construction of an ERP, defining the main software modules that an ERP system must have. The proposed model is based on microservices architecture. The system’s modules and their communication flow were surveyed and listed in order to avoid technical problems encountered during the software life cycle. Technologies that can be used to build the ERP, such as REST API and Database, are also suggested.

Enterprise resource planning; Block diagram; Civil construction; Implementation process

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