Topic use of aqueous extract of Orbignya phalerata (babassu) in rats: analysis of it's healing effect

Elias Amorim Jorge Eduardo F. Matias Júlio Cézar U. Coelho Antonio Carlos L. Campos Henrique Jorge Stahlke Jr Jorge Rufino Ribas Timi Luiz Carlos de Almeida Rocha Ana Tereza Ramos Moreira Daniel Zeni Rispoli Lydia Masako Ferreira About the authors

INTRODUCTION: The mesocarp of Babassu (Orbignya phalerata) has been used in experimental studies trying to check its pro-inflammatory effect. PURPOSE: To analyse comparatively the histological changes made by the water extract of Babassu in skin surgical wounds. METHODS: Sixty Wistar adults male rats were used. The experimental procedure was a circle skin incision of 2 cm in diameter made with a metal punch. After this procedure done in all animals, they were randomized in two groups of 30. In the control group, the phytotherapic agent wasn't used but saline solutin. In the experimental group, the water extract of Orbignya phalerata was used in the cut sites. All animals were followed and killed after seven, 14 and 21 days. Comparative histological analysis was made among the groups. RESULTS: In the microscopic view, a significant reepitelization effect on the healing process of the experimental group in relation to the control group in the 7th and 14th days, was recognized. CONCLUSION: The use of the mesocarp of Orbignya phalerata in skin surgical wounds contributed positively in the healing process in rats.

Orbignya phalerata; Wound Healing; Skin; Rats

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