Evaluation of the efficacy of different kinds of transoperatory colon washout associating or not the prophylacties with antibiotics: experimental study in rats

Teh significant decreasing in morbity and mortality rates in colorectal surgery was due to the bowel preparation and the antibiotic prophylacticts. The aim of the present study was to evaluate, in a bacteriologic point of view, the different methods of colon cleasing associated or not with an antimicrobial agent. Sixty four male rats, Wistar, ranging in weight from 250g to 350g were used. The animals were allocated for intraoperative irrigation of the colon using different washout solutions ( tap water, isotonic saline solution (SSI), and 5% solution of povidine iodine). Half of the animals of each group received prophylactic antibiotics ( cefoxitin, 30 mg/Kg, intraperitoneal) one hour before procedure. The results were compared with a control group where neither antibiotics prophylactics or bowel preparation were done. No significantly difference was observed when comparing the many types of intraoperative irrigation of the colon. We conclued that the bacterial concentration in the colon lumen has a significantly decrease with the mechanical preparation, however, the most important reduction was achieved with the use of parenteral antibiotics.

Colon; Irrigation; Antibiotics; Rats

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