Evaluation of hypoglicemic activity and healing of extract from amongst bark of "Quina do Cerrado" (Strychnos pseudoquina ST. HILL)

Avaliação da atividade hipoglicemiante e cicatrizante de extrato da entrecasca da Quina do Cerrado (Strychnos pseudoquina ST. HILL)

PURPOSE: Evaluation the hypoglycemic and healing effects of the Strychnos pseudoquina. METHODS: 33 Wistar rats were divided in the following groups, group 1 not sensitized with alloxan and untreated by aqueous extracts; group 2 sensitized with aloxana and untreated by aqueous extracts of Quina; group 3 sensitized by aloxana ad treated with the aqueous extract of quina. Diabetes was induced by alloxan diabetogenic drugs at a dose of 42 mg/kg of weight. The glycemias was evaluated by glycemic measuring Accu-check®. To verify the healing, was made a longitudinal cut of 1 cm in the back of the mouse. The group 3 was treated with a microemulsion containing Strychnos pseudoquina. Wounds were macroscopically evaluated during pre-determined days after the cut (1st, 3rd, 7th, 9th, 14th). RESULTS: The glycemia levels in the group treated with Strychnos pseudoquina were lower than the group sensitized by alloxan and not treated with Strychnos pseudoquina. There was no difference between the healing of the wounds treated with quina and another groups. CONCLUSIONS: Strychnos pseudoquina presents hypoglycemic effect. Meanwhile the topical use of the microemulsion of Strychnos pseudoquina presents no macroscopically significant effect on the healing of wounds in diabetic rats.

Diabetes Mellitus; Hypoglycemia; Wound Healing; Rats

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