Electric microcurrent in the restoration of the skin undergone a trichloroacetic acid peeling in rats

Microcorrente elétrica na restauração da pele submetidos ao peeling de ácido tricloroacético em ratos

PURPOSE: To investigate the influence of neuromuscular electric stimulation by microcurrent (MENS - Microcurrent Electric Neuromuscular Stimulation) in the restoration of the skin of rats undergone trichloroacetic acid (TCA). METHODS: Thirty-two hairless, male, adult rats were divided into two groups (with 16 animals each). In the Control Group (G1) the application of microcurrent was simulated 48 hours after the peeling. In the Experimental Group (G2) MENS was applied 48 hours after the TCA peeling, each 48 hours up to the Day 21, under the frequency of 0.5 Hz, intensity of 50mu A, and lasting 20 minutes. The area of the lesion was evaluated on Days 7, 14, and 21 after-peeling by the Paper Template Method, and on Day 21 the histological analysis was performed. RESULTS: On microscopy changes were seen in the fibroblasts amount and structure, and in the collagen of the experimental group, with statistically significant difference (p<0,01) CONCLUSION: MENS reduced the period of restoration of the area undergone TCA peeling in rats skin.

Trichloroacetic acid; Wound healing; Electric stimulation; Chemexfoliation; Rats

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