Effects of intraperitoneal injection of phenol, glycerin and acetic acid on neoplastic ascitis in guinea pigs

Efeitos da injeção intraperitoneal de fenol, glicerina e ácido acético na ascite neoplásica em cobaias

PURPOSE: To investigate the histolytic action of a solution composed by phenol, glycerin and acetic acid on neoplastic ascitis in guinea pigs. METHODS: Thirty-two guinea pigs were used. The animals were randomly distributed in experimental and control groups, and the effects of the peritoneal injection of the testing solution were studied. Saline solution was used for the control groups. Biochemical and anatomopathological (heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen and peritoneal serous membrane) were evaluated at 24 hours and 4 weeks of development. RESULTS: It was observed that solution E, when infused into the peritoneal cavity, caused no clinical, histological or laboratory alterations in these animals when compared to those in the control group. CONCLUSION: Given our results, it would be interesting to study the effects of the proposed solution on cases with experimental neoplastic ascites with a later view to treating it in humans.

Phenol; Acetic Acid; Glycerol; Peritoneum; Ascites; Guinea Pigs

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