Porcine submucosa graft for the treatment of duodenal injuries in dogs

PURPOSE: To evaluate the biocompatibility and effectiveness of porcine SIS (small intestinal submucosa), when used as a patch to repair a defect on the anterior duodenal wall. METHODS: The experimental study was performed in 8 dogs. A segment of the anterior duodenal wall was removed and the defect was repaired with a patch of porcine intestinal submucosa. On the 120th post operative day the animals were sacrified and the segment of duodenum containing the patch was removed to a macroscopic and microscopic evaluation. RESULTS: There was no infection, suture dehiscence or fistula. The microscopic evaluation showed complete re-epithelization in 75% of the cases, with moderate fibroblastic proliferation in 87, 5% of the cases. CONCLUSION: The porcine SIS used as a patch acts as a tissue substitute for repairing induced lesions in duodenal wall of dogs.

Transplants; Injuries; Duodenum; Animal experimentation; Dogs

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