Study of spontaneous motility of parts of colon in physiologic chamber for isolated organ, in rats

PURPOSE: The aim was to identify the difference in frequency, amplitude of contractions, negative tracing and shape of the waves. METHODS: We made one study of spontaneous motility of parts of colon from mouse, in physiologic chamber for isolated organ. RESULTS: It was found the biggest frequence variability and amplitude of contractions registered. Although there has been predominancy of strong contractions in the descending colon and weaker contractions in the transverse one, all kinds of waves were found in the three segments. CONCLUSIONS: The colon shows variable motility, which does not permit identify the unmistakable characteristic pattern for each of the three segments, ascendent, transverse and descending. The transverse colon shows a bigger quantity of negative traces, smaller amplitude of contractions and less frequency of contractions. The descending colon showed a smaller number of negative traces and a bigger average of amplitude of contractions of the three segments.

Motility; Colon; Animal experimentation; Rats

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