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Tricobezoar gástrico: relato de caso e revisão da literatura

César Tadeu Spadella Rogério Saad-Hossne Luiz Henrique Cury Saad About the authors

Bezoar is an impaction of swallowed foreign material into the digestive tract. It is formed from several substances included hairs of humans or animals, vegetable matters and others. At present study the authors report a case of a voluminous gastric trichobezoar observed in a 16-yr-old adolescent with abdominal pain and palpated mass in the epigastrium. Trichobezoar was diagnosed throughout fiberoptic gastroscopy and laparotomy was indicated due to exaggerated size of the mass. Anterior gastrotomy was performed and a solid mass of hairs weighting 1200 g was removed. The removed mass occupied the whole stomach from fundus to pylorus. A big pression ulcer was also detected in the antrum. Biopsies of this ulcer showed to be negatives for neoplasy. There were no complications in postoperative recovery. After discharge the patient was referred to the Neuropsychiatric Service for treatment of trichophagia and prevention of recurrence, in our point of view, the main purpose of all treatment.

Bezoar; Trichobezoar; Stomach

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