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Clinical research on new drugs (Phase I). Profile of scientific publications: data from the pre-clinical phase and bioethical aspects

Pesquisa clínica com novos fármacos (Fase I). Perfil das publicações científicas: dados da fase pré-clínica e aspectos bioéticos

Vanessa de Souza Brick William Saad Hossne Rogério Saad Hossne About the authors

PURPOSE: To trace a profile of scientific publications, phase I, in order to know whether or not they show pre-clinical phase data, emphasizing bioethical aspects. METHODS: Sixty-one scientific articles, published in 2007, involving research in human beings using new drugs, medicines and vaccines during phase I were analysed. A schedule for data collection was elaborated in which it would be possible to analyse and evaluate those articles. The schedule included items related to the pre-clinical phase associated to the clinical phase, and items related to the sample characteristics. RESULTS: Most of research works were carried out in USA. Taking into consideration that a large number of works have been dedicated to oncologic affections, most of them were carried out in voluntary ill individuals. Information on the pre-clinical phase, phase I, was very poor or absent. Even though some authors consider the phase I research as a promising one and also suggest some future studies on phase II, the reader is not able to consider the same way, as long as there is a shortage of information on the pre-clinical phase. CONCLUSION: The profile of scientific publications showed that data deserve some reflections and analysis to better evaluate the publications on phase I.

Biomedical Research; Pharmaceutical Preparations; Scientific and Technical Publications; Bioethics; Ethics, Research

Sociedade Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em Cirurgia - São Paulo - SP - Brazil