Diclofenac sodium and Imipenem action on rat intestinal mucosa: a biomechanical and histological study

Ação do Diclofenaco de sódio e Imipenem na mucosa intestinal do rato: estudo biomecânico e histológico

Irio Gonçalves Junior Luiz Eduardo Naresse Maria Aparecida Marchesan Rodrigues Shoiti Kobayasi About the authors

PURPOSE: To study diclofenac sodium induced histological and mechanical alterations and their prevention with Imipenem in rat intestine. METHODS: Male Wistar rats (n=240) were randomly assigned to four experimental groups: GI: n=60 treated with 0.9% saline IM; GII: n=60 treated with 6mg/kg body weight diclofenac sodium IM for four days; GIII: n=60 treated with 30mg/kg body weight Imipenem IM for four days, and GIV n=60 treated with diclofenac sodium plus Imipenem at the above doses IM for 4 days. Each group was further divided into 4 subgroups of 15 rats each and sacrificed at 4, 7, 14, and 21 days of follow-up, respectively. Abdominal cavity macroscopy and histology, and small bowel breaking strength were analyzed at each sacrifice moment. RESULTS: There were no histological or mechanical alterations in normal control rats throughout the study. Ulcerated lesions in intestinal mucosa were observed and breaking strength decreased in all diclofenac sodium treated rats. Ulcerated lesions in intestinal mucosa were prevented by Imipenem in all rats. CONCLUSION: Diclofenac sodium induced ulcerated lesions in rat intestinal mucosa can be prevented by Imipenem treatment.

Diclofenac; Imipenem; Intestine, Small; Ulcer; Rats

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