Colpocleisis: are there any indications? A case report

Mario Cavagna João Carlos Mantese Alfredo C.S.D. Barros Daniela M. de Castro Rossi Tangely Arevalo Valeria Cristina Nassif

The authors describe a case of an 84 years old high-risk patient, in whom general or spinal anesthesia was contraindicated and who showed a total uterine prolapse. The patient was widow and did not have sexual activity, and underwent a colpocleisis (Le Fort operation). The procedure was brief and could be performed using a local anesthetic. The authors conclude that colpocleisis is a surgery performed by the way of exception, but has a place in the armamentarium of the gynecologist treating isolated cases of genital total prolapse.

Colpocleisis; Uterine prolapse; High-risk patients

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