Study of the action of chromed catgut and polyglecaprone 25 of the threads in the ileocystoplasty in rats, highlighting the formation of stone

In order to determine the ideal thread in the ileocystoplasty in rats, it took place a comparative study of the action of the thread 6-0 chromed catgut, with the one of 25, 5-0 polyglecaprone.. The largest objective, went to prophylaxis of the urolithisis.. 51 rats of Wistar were used , that participated in two groups: pilot group (27 rats), that was the chromed catgut group (GC) and polyglecaprone group (GP), with 24 rats. Under anesthesia intraperitonial with sodic pentobarbital at 3%, everybody the animals the ileocytoplasty were submitted, after abdominal longitudinal median incision. . In the rats of GC, the anastomose of the urinary bladder (open 0,5 cm sagitally), with the extremity distal of the ileal segment, it was accomplished by means of points separated in only plan, with of chromed categute 6-0 thread and in the rats of GP, with of 25, 5-0 polyglecaprone thread. It was followed synthesis of the abdominal wall and anesthetic recovery. The study was accomplished in 27, 42 and 57 days in the animals of GC, that were divided in 3 undergroup of 9 rats. In GP, the animals were analyzed in 28 and 84 days, for undergroup of 12 animals. Elapsed the time determined for each undergroup, they were reoperated and observed the macroscopic aspects of the cicatrization, adherences and stone formation.. The urinary bladder enlarged by the ileal segment, was resected, open, washed in isotonic saline solution and fastened in the Liquid of Boüin, and processed in laboratory, for histology. The euthanasia was consummated with anesthetic lethal minimum dose. 29,6% of the rats in GC,show urolithisis:5,4% with 27days, 10% with 42 days and 14,2%with 57 days after operation. When it uses 25,5-0 polyglecaprone thread, ther'isn't stones until 84 days after operation. The microscopics results,were submited by the statistical analysis (a £ a 0,05), for other scientific work.

Anastomosis; Bladder Urinary; Cicatrization; Stone; Wistar’s Rats

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