Effects of watery solution of phenol, acetic acid and glycerin in Ehrlich mouse ascites tumor: experimental study in vitro

Rogério Saad-Hossne Willian Saad-Hossne Renê Gamberini Prado About the authors

PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of phenol, acetic and glycerin solution in Ehrlich ascites tumor. METHODS: After the ascites liquid of three mice was collected, the incubation of these cells took place at 37 degrees Celsius with saline solution (0,50mL) and different solution dosages (0,25mL, 0,10mL e 0,05mL). RESULTS: After 15 minutes all tumors cells were dead regardless of the dosage. Whereas in the control group the tumor cells were alive. CONCLUSION: This solution destroys the tumor cells in vitro after 15 minutes.

Carcinoma; Ehrlich tumor; Combined modality therapy; In vitro

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