Hiperbaric oxygen in actinic lesions of rat colon: morphological and morphometric aspects

Purpose: To evaluate the effects of hiperbaric oxygen on the radiation-induced actinic lesions in the rat distal colon. Methods: Thirty-two Wistar female rats were divided into four groups: I - sham; II - hiperbaric oxygen therapy (HOT); III - radiotherapy (RT), e IV - radiotherapy and hiperbaric oxygen (the same manner of II and III group). Fragments of distal colon were fixed into 10% formadehyde and proceeded for the histological routine and morphology. Results: The experimental results showed the intestinal gland lesions, vasodilation and infiltrated leucocytes in propria laminae and submucosae in rat colon of GIII that accentuated colon after hiperbaric oxygen Conclusion: Hiperbaric oxygen attenuated the morphological changes in the mucosae and submucosae of the rat distal colon with radiation-induced inflammatory process.

Hyperbaric Oxygenation; Radiotherapy; Colon; Rats

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