Auditory processing screening: contributions of the combined use of questionnaire and auditory tasks

Inaie Maria Prado de Souza Nádia Giulian de Carvalho Samantha Dayane Camargo Brito Plotegher Maria Francisca Colella-Santos Maria Isabel Ramos do Amaral About the authors



To analyze the performance of school children in auditory tasks and to compare it with the self-perception questionnaire. In addition, it also aimed to compare the children’s answers with the same questionnaire answered by their parents and/or relatives.


A total of 67 children aged 9.58 years old on average (±1.06) participated in the study, having been divided into two groups. Group I (GI) consisted of 40 children with normal development and good school performance (23 females) and Group II (GII) consisted of 27 children with learning difficulties (12 females). The procedures applied included: meatoscopy, immitanciometry, auditory processing simplified assessment (ASPA) and a questionnaire based on the Scale of Auditory Behaviors.


A total of two GI (5%) and 14 GII (51.9%) children had abnormal ASPA performance. The temporal ordering task demonstrated statistically lower performance of GII in relation to GI (p = 0.001). In the questionnaire, risk of CAPD was identified in 14 children (35%) of GI and 23 children (85.2%) of GII (p <0.001). There was a positive moderate correlation between their performance in ASPA and in the questionnaire (p <0.05). Comparing the answers of the children and their parents, considering each group separately, there was no difference for GI (p = 0894) and GII (p = 0239) and the total sample (p = 0.363).


Both instruments were able to differentiate the groups studied and to identify the schoolchildren who needed to be referred for a diagnostic evaluation. From the correlation analysis, it was concluded that both ASPA and the questionnaire should be used in a complementary way, regardless of whether they are applied to the children or their parents.

Hearing; Hearing tests; Auditory perception; Child; Learning

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