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Assessment of the awareness of dyscalculia among educators

PURPOSE: To obtain local data in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro on the knowledge and perception of educators of signs indicative of dyscalculia. METHODS: A questionnaire with 18 questions (two open questions and sixteen closed questions) was presented to primary school teachers of public and private schools. The questions were related to the occurrence of the topic of dyscalculia during their education as a teacher, their professional experience, specific knowledge about dyscalculia, and strategies to be used in the classroom. RESULTS: Forty five point two percent reported not to know what dyscalculia is. Only 12.9% believed they can identify signs of dyscalculia. CONCLUSION: The participants have little specific knowledge about dyscalculia and showed to be insecure with respect to their ability to identify possible cases of dyscalculia.

Learning; Mathematics; Faculty; Knowledge; Dyscalculia

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