The influence of selection time of suckers on the development and production of banana matrix (Musa cavendish cv nanicão)

The primary objetive of this study was to determine the effect of time of selection of suckers on the development of banana matriz plants (Musa cavendishii Lam. cv. Nanicão). The treatments were as follows: a. matrix plant without suckers; b. matrix plant with January suckers; c. matrix plant with March suckers; d. matrix plant with May suckers; e. control matrix plant: no suckers removed by pruning. The results of this study were: 1. Fewest leaves were produced in the control matrix plants in April; 2. Time of selection of suckers affected the flowering stage more than the vegetativa stag; 3. Flowering os the matrix plant (a) with no suckers and (c, d) with March and May suckers was augmented, and production of bunches with a greater humber of hands was stimulated; 4. matrix plant with January suckers and control matrix plant attained greater height of suckers than all other matrix plants treatments.

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