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Outcome of liver transplantation in patients with alcoholic liver disease

Mônica Beatriz Parolin Júlio Cezar Uili Coelho Mauro da Igreja Maria Lúcia Pedroso Anne Karoline Groth Carolina Gomes Gonçalves About the authors

BACKGROUND: Liver transplantation is accepted as effective therapeutic option for end-stage liver disease, including alcoholic liver disease AIM: To evaluate the outcome of liver transplantation for alcoholic liver disease in the Liver Transplantation Program at "Hospital de Clínicas" of the Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, PR, Brazil PATIENTS AND METHODS: It was performed a retrospective study of the patients who underwent liver transplantation for alcoholic end-stage liver disease between September 1991 and January 2001. The minimum abstinence period required was 6 months before liver transplantation. Identification of alcohol consumption after liver transplantation was determinated by information provided by patient or family and biochemical or histological anormalities RESULTS: Twenty patients underwent liver transplantation for alcoholic liver disease in the study period, 95% (19/20) were men and the median age was 50 years (29-61 years). Seventy-five percent of the patients (15/20) had severe liver disfunction (Child C class) in the pre-transplant period. In six of them (30%) there was association with viral hepatitis and in one, with hepatocarcinoma. Median abstinence period before liver transplantation was 24 months, varying from 9 to 120 months. One-year and 3-year survival rate were 75% and 50%, respectively. The main complications were: acute cellular rejection (40%), chronic rejection (5%), hepatic artery thrombosis (15%), biliary complications (15%), bacterial or fungal infections (45%), cytomegalovirus infection (20%). Three patients returned to alcohol use after liver transplantation CONCLUSION: The survival of patients who received liver transplant for alcoholic cirrhosis are satisfactory. In the present study there was a small index of alcohol use after liver transplantation.

Liver transplantation; Liver diseases

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