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Surgical procedures in proctological selected patients, with local anesthesia

Experience in the treatment of 150 patients with anorectal disorders and disorders of the sacrococcygeal region who were operated on with local anesthesia at the University Hospital, ABC Medical School, São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil, from March 1995 to March 1998. The anesthesia technique, the operations carried out and the tolerance to the procedure are reported. Intraoperative morbidity was 10.6% (16 patients), and postoperative morbidity was 6% (nine patients). The age of patients was between 15 and 92 years old, with mean age 42 years old; 58% of patients were male and 42% female. Surgical mean time was 45 minutes and the patients remained in the hospital for a mean time of 8 hours. All of patients was instructed about the anesthesia technique, their advantages and disadvantages, and only with their permit the surgery was programmed. Hospitalization was required in five patients (3.3%). The anesthesia technique employed was the same for all patients. Upon survey, 96,7% of the patients stated they did not feel pain during the surgery and that they would go through the procedure again. The authors conclude the surgical treatment of anorectal disorders and disorders of the sacrococcygeal region with local anesthesia is viable and safe, and in addition, is well accepted by the patients.

Colon and rectal surgery; Ambulatory surgery; Anesthesia; local

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