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Solitary diverticulum of the cecum: experience of a Brazilian general hospital

Aljamir Duarte Chedid Luciano Amaral Domingues Marcio Fernandes Chedid Maitê de Mello Villwock Antônio Renato Mondelo About the authors

BACKGROUND: Cecal diverticulitis is a rare condition, specially in western people. Its importance concerns of being part of the differential diagnosis of acute appendicitis and ulcerated cecal carcinoma. AIM: To present the experience of southern Brazilian general hospital in the treatment of cecal diverticulitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We present four cases of single inflamed cecal diverticulum. One was diagnosed by pre-operatively computer tomography and was treated medically without complications. The other three cases were diagnosed during operation and treated by right hemicolectomy and ileotransverse anastomosis. RESULTS:There were no deaths or complications. When cecal diverticulitis is pre-operatively diagnosed it may be treated medically. We preclude laparotomy when the diagnosis is uncertain. CONCLUSION: We recommend radical surgical management when the diagnosis is made during operation.

Cecal diseases; Diverticulitis; Colectomy

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