Effect of the type of milking on mammary gland examination in Saanen goats

Efeito do tipo de ordenha sobre o exame da glândula mamária de cabras Saanen

Jean Silva Ramos Viviani Gomes Mariana Porto Matazo Cynthia Pereira da Costa e Silva Vinicius Alvim Passos Baldacim Karina Medici Madureira About the authors


This research evaluated the effect of milking on the physical exam of the mammary gland (MG) and milk examination in Saanen goats. Six properties were selected, four farms were used after evaluation of criteria selection and distributed in two groups according to the milking method: manual or mechanical. The physical examination of MG was performed using the techniques of inspection and palpation, in addition to the examination of the milk by strip cup, California Mastitis Test, somatic cell count, and bacteriological exam. It was possible to detect an association between the milking method with the most of physical exam of the MG: inspection of the MG (p = 0.001), inspection of the teat (p = 0.002), palpation of the MG (p = 0.054) and palpation of the teat (p = 0.036). The machine milking had an association with the reduction of the volume of MG (OR = 6.00), reduction of the teat size (OR = 16.19), and firm consistency of mammary parenchyma (OR = 2.39). The use of machine milking represented a less risk for an increase of the volume of the MG volume (OR = 0.288) and the presence of cisternitis (OR = 0.490). The association between the SCC and the type of milking was also detected (p = 0.002). Machine milking was associated with changesin the physical exam of MG and milk examination compatible with traumatic lesions. This information indicates inappropriate use of milking equipment in the dairy goat’s properties.

inspection; palpation; California Mastitis Test (CMT); somatic cell count (SCC)

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