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Total bacterial count of milk in different systems of milking and cooling

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of milking systems and cooling on total bacterial count (TBC), and the amount of milk samples with TBC < 10(5), which represents high-quality milk. A total of 12,221 records of milk TBC were obtained from a dairy industry in the western region of Paraná State, Brazil, from January to October 2006. After the sampling was conducted, the milk quality was analyzed in the laboratory by the method of flow cytometry. The TBC data were classified by milking system, type of coolers and intervals of the TBC, in accordance with Normative Instruction 62, and submitted to the chi-square test for independence. The proportions of milk TBC among types of coolers at each milking system were compared using the calculated statistic Z. A lower TBC value (p < 0.01) was observed in milk obtained from cows milked using a piped system and from bulk cooled milk. The proportion of milk samples evaluated at three levels of TBC cooled by the immersion system did not differ (p = 0.1549) from bulk cooled milk when the milk was obtained from herds milked with a piped system. The best microbiological quality of milk in the western region of Paraná was achieved with a piped milking system and bulk cooling.

Cleaning; cooler; microbiological quality; milking

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