Nathalie Quintane: formagens

The French contemporary writer Nathalie Quintane, in her multiple text production indicates a dimension of forming - neither form nor formation, forming corresponds to experimentation: the assisted production of an experience through writing. Forming is a staging of the beginning (title of one of her books), by a process which the notion of almost (found in the title of another of her books) could help to understand. In different thematic-discursive fields, apparently external to what we still understand as poetic (sport, childhood, linguistics, history and phenomenology of the shoe, amongst others), the point is to accomplish by writing an appropriation of something we don't have, in an endless process. This paper proposes to follow some of those formings in Quintane's text, asking about the political value they can assume, in the sense of a reflection on what is "to come", as Jacques Derrida defines it.

French poetry; Quintane; forming; language

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