The lost brother, animality, utilitarian reason and politics as constructive pillars of film noir nowadays


The following article analyzes one of the most important Argentine audiovisual productions of 2017: the film The Lost Brother, by Adrián Caetano, a transposition of the novel Under this Terrible Sun, by Carlos Busqued. I will try to show how this film distinguishes itself from Caetano’s previous film noir productions (Red Bear, Bolivia, Tombers), presenting a world that can be easily linked to Deleuze's conception of the impulse-image, a world in which there is no place for the loyalty codes that characterize his previous films. I will also try to expand the thesis about the film and show that utilitarian reason and animality appear as constructing pillars of the film noir in the present.

Film Noir; Caetano; Impulse-Image; The Lost Brother

Programa de Pos-Graduação em Letras Neolatinas, Faculdade de Letras -UFRJ Av. Horácio Macedo, 2151, Cidade Universitária, CEP 21941-97 - Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil , - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil