The uncanny institution of literature in specters' multiverse

Moysés Pinto Neto

The text presents general aspects of hauntology (hantologie) with the ideas of "general economy" (Bataille) and the freudian psychoanalysis' repercussion as a model for real inconsistency to Jacques Derrida. It sustains, therefore, that the ghosts' domain do not belongs to the order of representation, but to the real as itself with its own rights. Finally, it approaches literature to the domain of ghosts, presenting fiction as an intervention that creates the impossible.

hauntology; Derrida; economy; psychoanalysis; literature

Programa de Pos-Graduação em Letras Neolatinas, Faculdade de Letras -UFRJ Av. Horácio Macedo, 2151, Cidade Universitária, CEP 21941-97 - Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil , - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil