Hormonal dysfunction of nonpituitary lesions from midline and perisellar area

Ana Luíza Vidal Fonseca Antonio A.D. Souto Flavio Domingues Mario Vaisman Monica R. Gadelha Leila Chimelli Mario José C.F. Santos Alice Helena D. Violante About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To analyse clinical and/or laboratorial preoperative hormonal dysfunction , of the nonpituitary intracranial lesions from midline and parasellar area. METHOD: Forty-four patients were evaluated with nonpituitary intracranial lesions, who had images studies (computed tomography or magnetic resonance) and preoperative basal hormonal level; 16 had preoperative hypothalamus-hypophysial function tests (megatests). These patients were divided in two groups. Group I - 34 lesions from midline: 11 craniopharyngiomas, 8 meningiomas, 3 germinomas, 3 tumors of sphenoid sinus, 2 empty sella syndrome, 2 pylocitic astrocytomas, 1 giant aneurysm, 2 mucoceles, 1 III ventricle diverticulum and 1 Rathke's cleft cyst; Group II - 10 lesions from parasellar area: 9 meningiomas and 1 giant aneurysm. RESULTS: In group I, 25/34 (73.5%) patients showed laboratorial hormonal deficit (14 without clinical manifestations) 18/34 (52.9%) hyperprolactinemia (5 with galactorreia) and 8 (53.3%) showed growth hormone deficiency in 15 megatests avaliable in this group; 3 (8.8 %) patients presented central diabetes insipidus (CDI). In group II, 6/10 (60%) patients showed laboratorial hormonal deficit (5 without clinical manifestations), 1 (10%) hyperprolactinemia and 1 growth hormone deficiency (single megatest realized in this group); no patient had preoperative CID. CONCLUSIONS: The presence of nonspecific or poorly valorized clinical manifestations, does not indicate absence of hormonal dysfunction; in this present serie, 19/38 (50%) patients with laboratorial abnormalities, didn't show clinical manifestations. Hormonal dysfunction is frequent in sellar and perisellar nonpituitary lesions, specially involving midline.

intracranial tumor; sellar and juxtasellar lesions; hormonal dysfunction

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