Meaning of aromatherapy massage in mental health

Thiago da Silva Domingos Eliana Mara Braga About the authors


To understand the meaning of the aromatherapy massage intervention in mental health for the patient during psychiatric hospitalization.


A qualitative study including 22 participants with a diagnosis of personality disorder hospitalized in a psychiatric unit of a general hospital. We used semi-structured interviews with a guiding question for participants, for whom the aromatherapy massage intervention was performed. The content of the interviews was assessed according to content analysis.


Among the study subjects, there was a predominance of females and the majority presented a diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. Two categories that emerged were identified from qualitative data: “Identifying the benefits of aromatherapy” and “Enabling self-knowledge.”


The meaning of the aromatherapy massage intervention was represented by improvements in nursing care and treatment during psychiatric hospitalization, while assisting in the reduction of anxiety symptoms and coping with mental illness.

Nursing research; Nursing care; Nursing; practical; Mental health; Aromatherapy

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