Experience of a nurse in transpersonal caring for families of neonates discharged from the intensive care unit

Luciane Favero Verônica de Azevedo Mazza Maria Ribeiro Lacerda About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To describe the lived experience of home nursing in transpersonal care for families of neonates discharged from the intensive care unit. METHODS: A qualitative research of the descriptive case study type. We used the Theory of Transpersonal Caring, operationalized by the caring process of Lacerda. Seven families were followed and became study participants. Data were collected by means of documents and archived records. RESULTS: The care practices of family caregivers, their demands and needs; and, the importance of nursing in the process of hospitalization, discharge and home care were detected. CONCLUSION: This pathway enabled understanding that the actions of caring must be allied to humane care, and of the necessity for investment in research capable of combining home care with transpersonal caring in nursing and other health care professions.

Home nursing; Nursing theory; Nursing care; Family; Infant, newborn

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