Geotechnical risks and social vulnerability in coastal areas: inequalities and climate change

The coastal zones are potential areas of environmental risks, particularly in the context of extreme climate events. Moreover there is a significant portion of the population living in coastal zones, emphasizing the importance of characterizing situations of risk and vulnerability in these regions. A spatial and contextual analysis was elaborated in Northern coast of São Paulo (Water Resources Management Unit - UGRHI-3) and sub-basins, indicating the distribution of geotechnical risks associated with: landslides in potential areas to occupation (12.3%), flooding (1.8%) and land subsidence (13.5%). At least ten years was found situations under high social vulnerability in areas of high or very high susceptibility of geotechnical risks, besides the socio-spatial segregation of people at risk. Finally, although incipient, this work indicates a positive perspective for disaster risk reduction with the implementation of public policy based on integration territorial management instruments.

Risk; Vulnerability; Multiscale; Climate change

ANPPAS - Revista Ambiente e Sociedade Anppas / Revista Ambiente e Sociedade - São Paulo - SP - Brazil