Influence of cosmetics vehicles on 4-methylbenzylidene-camphor's skin penetration, in vitro

Clarice Scliar Sasson Mayumi Eliza Sato Klézia da Silva Beletti Fabrício Cunha Mota Angela Dakiw Piaceski About the authors

The aim of this work was to compare the skin penetration of 4-methylbenzylidene-camphor (4-MBC) in two vehicles, an oil-in-water (O/W) emulsion and an alcoholic gel. The penetration of this UVB filter through these vehicles was determined in vitro (Franz cells) using pig ear skin. The 4-MBC permeated through the skin both with the emulsion o/w as the alcoholic gel. However, with the alcoholic gel, 5 h after application of the product, the 4-MBC was found in the receptor fluid, while with the emulsion o/w, 24 h after it was detected. In both vehicles, the 4-MBC was present in the viable epidermis, dermis but most part of it, was found in the stratum corneum, being more remarkable for alcoholic gel. The right choice of the vehicle could decrease the potential toxicological risk and increase the efficacy of sunscreens products.

4-Methylbenzylidene-camphor; sunscreens; penetration; vehicles

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