Cloning of high molecular weight gluten subunit promoter and study on its function in wheat

Jin Weibo Liu Jin Wu Fangli Guo Aiguang About the authors

The aim of this work was to study the cloning and characterization of HMW-GS 1Dx2 promoter from Triticum aestivum. A 1050 bp partial promoter fragment including a putative TATA box and 5' encoding sequence of the gene was cloned by amplifying the upstream sequences using the nest-PCR with appropriate primers. The analysis of the promoter sequence against the PLACE (Plant cis-acting Regulatory DNA Elements) database showed the presence of certain putative endosperm-specific regulatory cis-elements in the sequence along with the TATA and CAAT boxes. The histochemical method detected the transient expressions of GUS in the seeds of wheat. The results showed that HMW-GS 1Dx2 promoter had the endosperm-specific transcription activity in the wheat seeds.

Triticum aestivum; glutenin; promoter; endosperm-specific; transient expression

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