Detection and identification of TMV infecting tomato under protected cultivation in Paraná State

During an inspection in plastic houses in Sapopema, Paraná, 90% of tomato plants showed leaf abnormalities, probably associated with herbicide toxity. However, virus like symptoms developed in selected hosts after mechanical inoculatation. RT-PCR reactions using primers for an internal region within the movement protein gene of TMV and ToMV resulted in the amplification of a 409 bp cDNA fragment only by TMV primers. Deduced amino acids showed 100% identity when compared to TMV movement protein and 94% with ToMV. The RT-PCR protocol was efficient for quick and conclusive determination of virus species. The virus was purified and a polyclonal antiserum was raised for future surveys in tomato crops of Paraná. The partial genomic sequence obtained for TMV-Sapopema has been deposited under the accession number DQ173945, which is the first partial genomic sequence of an isolate of TMV from Brazil in the GenBank, and the first tomato virus isolate from Paraná to have some of its biological and molecular properties determined.

TMV; P30 protein; plasticulture

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