Chromosomal differentiation between populations of Oligosarcus hepsetus (Teleostei, Characidae) from small tributaries at opposite margins of the Paraíba do Sul river (Brazil)

Liano Centofante Luiz Antonio Carlos Bertollo Orlando Moreira-Filho About the authors

Cytogenetic analyses were carried out in two populations of Oligosarcus hepsetus from tributaries at opposite margins of the Paraíba do Sul river. The same diploid number was observed in both populations (2n=50), but they showed remarkable differences related to karyotype formula and distribution of rDNA sites as revealed by silver nitrate staining and in situ hybridization with 18S probes. The results suggested that the main channel of the Paraíba do Sul river acted as barrier to gene flow between populations.

Fish; headstream; cytogenetic; differentiation

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