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Degradation of lignosulfonic and tannic acids by ligninolytic soil fungi cultivated under icroaerobic conditions

Isis Serrano Silva Cristiano Ragagnin de Menezes Elisangela Franciscon Eder da Costa dos Santos Lucia Regina Durrant About the authors

Soil fungi were evaluated regarding their ability to degrade lignin-related compounds by producing the ligninolytic enzymes. Lignosulfonic and tannic acids were used as sole carbon sources during 30 days under microaerobic and very-low-oxygen conditions. The fungi produced lignin-peroxidase, manganese-peroxidase and laccase . Expressive degradations was observed by C18 reversed-phase HPLC, indicating the biodegradation potential of these fungi, showing more advantages than obligate anaerobes to decontaminate the environment when present naturally.

lignosulfonic acid; tannic acid; ligninolytic enzymes; microaerobic conditions; soil fungi

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