Representations of Science and Technology in Cordel Literature

Carla Almeida Luisa Massarani Ildeu de Castro Moreira About the authors


In Brazilian cultural manifestations, science is not usually pictured prominently. Still, one can find references to it in some of the most popular forms of communication. Cordel literature is one of them. In this article, we try to understand how the scientific world is inserted and represented in this literary genre. We did a discourse analysis based on a corpus of 50 Cordel booklets on topics related to science. We note that the booklets present, as a whole, an ambivalent image of science, extolling the scientific achievements and their authors in some cases, whereas, in others, showing a critical view of technological development. Our study suggests that the mixing of science and Cordel literature has the potential to bring together scientific and popular cultures. This could also promote a critical thinking in the public about the relationship between science and society. Therefore, Cordel literature may be an interesting tool for education and popularization of science.

Science Representation; Popular Culture; Cordel Literature; Popularization of Science

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