Pedra do peixe: social networks in circulation of fish from Ver-o-Peso to the city of Belém, Pará

Luiz de Jesus Dias da Silva Carmem Izabel Rodrigues About the authors


This article aims to present an ethnography on the social network involved in the circulation process of the fish that arrives daily to the market Ver-o-Peso, the main warehouse fishing in the Amazon region, and is distributed throughout the city of Belém, Pará. Every day the fresh fish, captured and brought in fishing vessels, enters the urban area by the Pedra do Peixe, spatial and symbolic milestone in the market Ver-o-Peso, where it is is sold and distributed in the city and other places of the state and country, to reach the final consumers who are at fairs, markets, supermarkets and other retail outlets, as well as the diverse restaurants in the form of prepared regional dishes to the many lovers of the product. This extensive network of marketing of fish has economic, social, cultural, rules, informalities and conflicts that make the circulation of fish in Belém remains, to the present, very powerful, and the Pedra do Peixe at Ver-o-Peso as the centrality of their daily flow through the networks of relationships and sociocultural practices incorporated by workers and customers that circulate daily by this central space of the city.

Pedra do Peixe; Ver-o-Peso; Social networks; Markets; Fairs

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