Batista Campos district and time dynamics in Belém, Brazil: memoirs and ruined landscapes

Flávio Leonel Abreu da Silveira Manoel Cláudio Mendes Gonçalves da Rocha About the authors

The article considers a reflection about memoirs of Batista Campos district's residents, situated in Belém, State of Pará, Brazil, to enable, from their narratives, the comprehension of transformation processes of cityscapes with which they have symbolic and affective connections. In our analyses, we consider the emergence of the phenomenon of ruins and the dynamics of social practices surrounding neighborhood residents. The research is based on the relationships between interlocutors and old buildings that constitute ruined landscapes today, to understand how these individuals connect through a creative act of remembering to an old Belém, to other people and various social practices.

Memory; City; Landscape; Ruin; Belém (PA)

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