Women and market: female participation and knowledge in the insertion of new species of fish in the market and in the diet of fishermen RESEX Mãe Grande of Curuçá (PA)

Marllen Karine da Silva Palheta Voyner Ravena Cañete Denise Machado Cardoso About the authors


The article describes how the traditional knowledge of fisherwomen of river and sea in the town of Caratateua, RESEX Marinha Mãe Grande de Curuçá (PA), contributes to the integration of new species of fish in the marketing. The work uses a qualitative and quantitative methodology and produces data that point to a shortage of fish picture of most popular in the local market. It presents the female traditional knowledge on key species that make up the diet of fishermen, and this is a way to insert woman in the market of fishery. Data collection occurred from March to August 2012. The methodological techniques prioritized an ethnographic do, favoring the use of semi-structured interviews with fisherwomen / community seafood restaurants, being applied also 10 questionnaires to them and 9 questionnaires in market Curuçá municipality next to the fish vendors. In the interviews we observed the changes over the years, reflecting the scarcity of traditional species, both in the fisherman diet as the consumer market. The results point especially to the role of women in the insertion of new species in both spaces, private and market, since women’s knowledge means a greater perception of natural resources available for consumption.

Traditional knowledge; Women’s work; Diet; Market

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