Characterization of small-scale fisheries in the Camamu-Almada basin, southeast state of Bahia, Brazil

Caracterização das pescarias de pequena-escala na bacia de Camamu-Almada no sudeste da Bahia, Brasil

In the Camamu-Almada basin, marine fishery is exclusively small-scale, with several structural deficiencies such as boats with low or absent navigational technology, lack of credit and low income. Local fishers complain that shrimp and lobster trawling fishing is the main factor responsible for low stock abundance, but they still persist in these activities as these two species command the highest market prices. So they feel that the target species are already over-fished. We suggest that proper management action, alternative ways of income generation and the payment of job insurance would help to mitigate the problem.

tropical small-scale marine fisheries; tropical marine fishes; southeast state of Bahia; Brazil

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