Editorial note

Editorial Note

Four Generations!

The First 65 Years of the Brazilian Journal of Biology

For 65 years, four generations of Brazilian biologists have contributed to the Brazilian Journal of Biology, whether as authors, editors, or by revising articles in their respective fields. We now salute this community, whose members have so generously contributed their time and the fruits of their learning and experience to keep the Journal not only alive but flourishing.

Today, as its distribution continues to expand, the Brazilian Journal of Biology is constantly striving to improve its standards. The Editorial Board is seeking ways to accelerate publication, and is currently aiming to produce at least two more numbers annually. But success in these efforts, as always, depends on the Brazilian community of biologists who have shared an enduring and enthusiastic commitment to the Journal. So let us now get on with our work, on behalf of the next generations of biologists.

As one of the first steps in this continuing effort, this number of the BJB is publishing twenty papers and two notes on several aspects of basic biology and ecology.

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    16 Nov 2005
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    Feb 2005
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