Editorial Note

Editorial Note

This number of the Brazilian Journal of Biology offers a selection of papers in neotropical biology that clearly indicates the range of subjects presently under study. Among others, these include reproductive seasonality of fishes, forest fragmentation and mammal distribution, and impacts of flood pulses on chemical composition and energy content of Oryzae glumaepatula. Of these, riverine flood pulses and forest fragmentation represent key processes, which – in addition to reservoir construction – influence the biology, behavior, and physiology of terrestrial and aquatic organisms.

Taxonomy, ecology, and distribution and genetics of terrestrial and aquatic organisms – the other subjects treated – suggest the complexity and diversity of biological processes in the neotropics. Correspondingly, current research activity in this region is multi-faceted, intensive, and rigorous, characteristics which the Brazilian Journal of Biology proudly recognizes in the present issue.

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    13 Dec 2005
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    Aug 2005
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